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 At the beginning of each session, the certified instructor meets with the entire group of participants for a general discussion. During this time, the instructor gives participants time to ask questions and discuss problems or insights that came up in the process of writing during the past week.

During the second part of the session, each participant reads his or her two-pages in their small group and receives encouraging, supportive feedback from the instructor and other participants, who also read their work and receive feedback.

There will be a different life theme presented each week. For example, one of the life themes is "Your Family". You would write about anything you wanted pertaining to your family, including parents, siblings, or pets, etc. You may even write about those who are close to you and are "like a family". It's up to you!

The instructor will explain the meaning of each theme, give handouts and guidelines with priming or "sensitizing" questions. These questions help you remember different times in your life. You have a full week to write a two-page paper, however, you are not obligated to write on any of them. The paper need not be in any format, just write or type what you want. You will not be graded or judged by what you write, it's your story. You write from your heart.

There is only one group of the same six people in all sessions. We stress that all readings are confidential and that family members and friends do not attend any of the sessions with you. People in general will not be honest when friends and family are present for fear of what they may think or add to your story their version.


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